Gearbox Software

Borderlands 2 Review

To try to explain or take into scope the greatness that the original Borderlands brought when it was first released is something that could be difficult to do. Gearbox Software created an original IP that mixed RPG elements within a First Person Shooter open world that took gamers by storm. With hype of unforgettable characters, drop in drop out co-op, exotic dangerous locations and enemies, plus what seemed to be an almost endless amount of loot, Gearbox delivered a remarkable game that kept players in the world of Pandora more than 2 years after its release. But that was 2009. Four pieces of DLC (Downloadable Content), a Game of the Year version and more than a few million copies sold, it’s safe to assume the original game was a hit. So to take on the task of creating a sequel when so much as put into the original, what exactly could the developers make to possibly top the first game? Simple, it’s called Borderlands 2.