Anthrax – Anthems Review

Anthrax - Anthems 01Cover albums are always interesting. Listening to a bands’ interpretation on a song could either be faithful to the original, or be their own unique style. When a band decides to do a collection of cover songs, it always makes for a more interesting album.

And that is exactly what metal music legends Anthrax have decided to do by choosing the 6 of the total 8 songs in their latest EP release “Anthems”. Taking a small selection of songs from a choice of different bands makes this a very good, yet somewhat brief, experience.


Coheed and Cambria – The Afterman: Ascension Review

In 2011 Coheed and Cambria was forced to deal with some serious issues relating to the band. Troubled bassist Michael Todd was arrested and eventually let go from the band following a drug robbery that occurred merely hours before going on stage to perform while on tour with Soundgarden. Then former drummer Chris Pennie announced he was leaving the band to pursue other musical interests.

While other bands would have probably re-evaluated their direction or other aspects, it seemed apparent Coheed and Cambria was to continue. With now half of the band gone, remaining band members Claudio Sanchez and Travis Stever welcomed back past drummer Josh Eppard, who played on the band’s first three albums. Also still in need of a fourth member to complete the group, Zach Cooper was then recruited and welcomed as the band’s newest bass player. And now comes the newest release from the band in The Afterman: Ascension – an album that sounds like it brings together some of the old familiar sound mixed in with some of the new.

Brendon Small’s Galaktikon Review

Brendon Small’s Galaktikon is arguably the greatest divorce story ever told. Or at least the most entertaining ever heard. At this point you might be thinking, “What?” but it’s true. The co-creator of popular shows Home Movies and Metalocalypse, and fictional band Dethklok, has released his first solo album and has put together what is probably his best work so far.

Van Halen – A Different Kind of Truth Review

Capturing lighting in a bottle is hard enough, let alone twice in one career. And some bands, when having a reunion, quickly fade from the spotlight in which they came from.

When the original line up of Van Halen; guitarist Eddie, drummer Alex, bassist Michael Anthony and singer David Lee Roth first exploded onto the music scene in 1978 with the release of their self-titled “Van Halen”, many held it as a musical breakthrough. Eddie’s revolutionary guitar playing along with Roth’s over-the-top stage presence made them one of the fore runners of bands at the time.