Brendon Small’s Galaktikon Review

Brendon Small’s Galaktikon is arguably the greatest divorce story ever told. Or at least the most entertaining ever heard. At this point you might be thinking, “What?” but it’s true. The co-creator of popular shows Home Movies and Metalocalypse, and fictional band Dethklok, has released his first solo album and has put together what is probably his best work so far.

Brendon Small has stated about Galaktikon;

“This album should be thought of as an audio comic book, an over acted chamber drama, a ridiculous premise that takes itself way too seriously all the way to the end,”

Galaktikon is in fact a concept album about a space hero who has gone through a very messy divorce and just what happens when mixed feelings, enemies and ex-wives get involved also. An interesting concept, that no doubtingly makes for some very entertaining music. Joining him also for this project are his real life Dethklok band mates “The Atomic Clock” Gene Hoglan on drums and Bryan Beller on bass who are also, as always, simply phenomenal.

Make no mistake; comparisons to Dethklok are bound to happen. But as you listen to Galaktikon, you will find that Brendon has made the music more diverse than just the usual low tuned metal music that he is known for.

Songs such as Prophecy of the Lazer Witch, You Can’t Run Away and Beastblade show the more melodic side in his vocals and music. Instead of hearing the usual low end growls that Dethklok is known for, you have Brendon instead singing with clean, sometimes harmonizing vocals that definitely stand out among other songs. In fact gone is the Nathan Explosion-type of singing throughout the entire album. A wise decision, as this helps set this apart from most of what he has done before.

Even other songs such as (my personal favorite) On My Way, (the instrumental) Dangertits and Arena War Of The Immortal Masters are terrific songs with their thunderous riffs and high energy. And fear not Dethklok fans. Songs such as Truth Orb And The Kill Pool and Trition have the distinct feel and sound for those that prefer their music on the heavy side.

If you’re looking for fantastic hard rock album, you can’t really go wrong picking this up. Brendon Small is truly a fantastic musician with tremendous talent and Galaktikon is an album that will leave most wanting more.

I give Brendon Small’s Galaktikon a 4/5, 9 out of 10 Stars, thumbs or better yet, horns up. Get this album.

Get you can get Brendon Small’s Galaktikon through iTunes or at

(Listen To On My Way)

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