Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise Of Skywalker Teaser Trailer

With Star Wars Celebration 2019 happening in Chicago, JJ Abrams, the director of the Episode IX, showed a brand new Teaser Trailer for the final part of the ‘Skywalker Saga’. Watch the teaser below.

Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise Of Skywalker releases Christmas 2019.

My Thoughts About The Resident Evil Movie Franchise

(I write this strictly from the point of view of a fan of the Resident Evil series)

Paul W.S. Anderson holds a special place in my heart. And that would be at the deepest, darkest, blackest part of it. After watching the newest trailer for the Resident Evil: Retribution movie, I am thoroughly convinced that he has completely lost touch with what the Resident Evil series is about. And that’s even assuming he had it was at the beginning.