Re: Finding Lost Treasures – RE-Bought And Un-RE-Turned

Re-Finding Lost Treasures

Some people collect coins, others stamps. I collect video games.

If you have been reading this ongoing series, first thank you, second, I love horror games. The Resident Evil franchise holds a special place in my gaming memories. After all, Resident Evil 2 and my love of zombies brought me back into gaming after being off it some years ago. RE2 remains one of my personal favorite games of all time. But as I had been in a retro-gaming mood, I had been collecting Nintendo GameCube games as of lately as I had discovered earlier that the system did have a few games of interest to me. This being that I only owned this system earlier for a small amount of time for a particular reason. A reason I will return to later.

So as I returned to my local flea market, and while eating a freshly popped bag of kettle corn, I began to wonder which games I could think to collect. Or simply ideas I could come up with. After a while, I walked to a vendor that has one of the largest collections of games located there. I’ve never actually bought anything there as a majority of the game cases are usually dusty and dirty. And most, if not all, opened games at this stand are missing the manuals. And the few sealed games they offer are sold at prices that I could get in better condition online. I’m beginning to understand why I never purchase anything here. But as I stated earlier, there is quite a collection of games. And it will usually spark some idea on what to look for next.

So looking through the rows of games they did have, I found the empty box (go figure) of Resident Evil 2 on the GameCube. Now I already own copies of this game for my PlayStation One and PlayStation Portable systems, so I didn’t figure another straight port was worth picking up. But I thought of the idea of getting Resident Evil 4. But once again, I already owned RE4 on another system. So I didn’t think of this as a priority. As I went back I began searching for more games, but I kept the Resident Evil series in the back of my mind.

Resident Evil Remake 01

As I arrived home, I began to look for prices on Resident Evil 4 as a joke, the search also brought up the 2002 remake of the classic Resident Evil redone for the GameCube. I remember when Nintendo and Capcom announced exclusive Resident Evil games to be made exclusively for the GameCube system. Being a Sony console owner primarily, this annoyed me as I knew I couldn’t play these new releases. Fortunately as we all know now Resident Evil 4 was later ported to the PlayStation 2. And I was happy I did have a chance to play that one at the time. Unfortunately, the other two games remain exclusive to this day to Nintendo even to this day.

So as my interest in this version became apparent. I remember reading that the remake was going to include additional information and gameplay elements, updated voices and graphics, plus scenes and back story not included in the so-called “Directors Cut” for the original PlayStation.

I bid and won a “Like-New” copy of the RE-make off of eBay. During this time I began thinking about the other exclusive third game released for the system. Then this reminded me when I owned the GameCube for a week back when games were being released for it.

My best friend, who rarely played video games, decided to get a Nintendo GameCube to keep for when his younger relatives would visit. When I first heard he purchased it, I asked him to borrow the system. The reason being was because one of my local game stores had copies of Resident Evil Zero. I rented a copy and proceeded to play Zero as much as a could for the 3 days I had it. Lastly, I didn’t get very far, but the enjoyment I had knowing that there was a new Resident Evil game with actual zombies is one I do remember.

Resident Evil Zero 01

I searched and found a listing of what I thought were all 3 GameCube Resident Evil games with a picture on the listing showing them all. I thought to myself, “If only I had found this listing earlier!” Getting all three games in one auction would have been killing three birds with one stone. I hastily placed a bid, but soon after realized that it was for RE: Zero only, with the picture merely showing all three games. I won a copy of the game, also in Like-New condition, but think I probably paid a little more than what I should have. I still apparently haven’t learned my lesson of just merely placing bids. I begrudgingly waited as the game would be coming from somewhere in Canada.

Receiving my copy of Resident Evil first it arrived in less than the condition that was advertised. Small stains were apparent on the games’ cover, and the discs were lightly scratched throughout both of the discs that came in the case. I still tested the first game disc to see if it would work and know that I wouldn’t have to go through a refund process. The game did in fact work, but I was still annoyed by the condition of the game when it arrived. I expected a “Like-New” game. I contacted the seller who said they would issue a full refund if I sent the game back to the return address.

I was set to return the game, but I received the game on a Saturday and the local post office would not be open again for the next couple of days. I reluctantly kept the game since it was in working condition, although I doubt I will be buying from that seller again.

I then received RE: Zero in hopes that the condition would be fairly greater than the previous game. Luckily this game arrived in what I also considered Like-New condition. So I believe this puts a bit of a silver lining on an almost sour story.


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