The Walking Dead: Episode 4 – Around Every Corner Review

To say or explain the journey which the characters in Telltale’s series based in the world of Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead have gone through just past the midway point of this five part series is easy, yet difficult. To say emotional is simple, but to convey more into that is the difficult part. Horror, sadness, hopelessness and a bit of joy would just be a small fraction of what would need to be said. And now Episode 4 has finally been released to have us experience the next part of this terrific series.

Just like in past episodes, you are given a recap of the previous episode consisting of important scenes and in most cases, the choices you made. Around Every Corner starts off with Lee Everett and company finally arriving to Savannah, GA, the destination they had fighting so hard to get too. After discovering the radio Clementine has been carrying throughout the adventure has not only been working for some time but that she has in fact been speaking with an actual living person on the other end, you set off to finish the last part of the groups’ escape plan of finding a boat to set sail to safer ground. However, if you’ve ever seen or experienced any part of The Walking Dead series in anyway, you know it is never as simple as that.

By this time you should be familiar with The Walking Dead’s point and click gameplay interface. You pick choices based on conversations you have with other characters in game, affecting some relationships and even some choices later on down the road. Plus you have your bit of puzzle solving and retrieving items to open up extra parts of the story. The major difference with this episode is that unlike previous episode’s, which had their share, is that this time the focus seems to be on action and even more on suspense as zombie attacks will happen often. In fact this could be the most zombie heavy episode yet as I was fighting off the undead more times than I remember before in past episodes.

Even dealing and interacting with the remaining humans has their own fair share of tense moments. This particular episode (trying to refrain from spoilers) will have you determining the fate of a still living character and their overall worth to the group. Do you do what needs to be done for the sake of the group? Do the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few? These could be some questions asked during your first play through, and maybe even a second and afterwards. And regarding the ending for this episode – the next part is appropriately named “No Time Left”, and it couldn’t be described in a better way.

Once again the writing takes center stage here. Telltale and their writers have once again made players feel as when things are beginning to take shape, it can all fall apart in a matter of moments. All this while really making you feel for the problems most characters face during the game and in their most grave moments.

A few graphical flaws were noticeable during playing. At times it seemed as what appeared to be clothing textures appearing higher than the frame of the characters, especially in close ups. Strange as this wasn’t or hasn’t been noticeable or seen in previous episodes. Hopefully this was just a one-time problem.

Telltale Games has not disappointed with in this fantastic series, and this part continues that tradition. This episode really sets up for what we hope will be a terrific series finale and fitting send off for some beloved characters.

The Walking Dead: Episode 4 – Around Every Corner gets a 9/10

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