The Walking Dead: Episode 2 – Starved For Help Review

With their second installment, Telltale Games continues the journey through the world of Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead.  After a wonderful first episode that set the tone of the series, the question here is whether or not Telltale can deliver another fantastic entry.

This time, Episode 2 is adequately called “Starved For Help” which is the main focus of this entry. This entry picks up the action three months after the previous episode. The group of survivor’s, depending on who lived and who died in your previous episode, are back and tensions are running high. Running low on food and other supplies, desperation sets in as once again you control main character Lee Everet.

Gameplay remains the same as the previous entry. You will move around and point-and-click to converse with characters, discover clues and make decisions that could have an impact which could affect certain scenes later. One thing in particular about Episode 2 is that the choices don’t seem to have the same amount of impact as before. In Episode 1 you had to make choices that ultimately decided the fate of certain characters, here it seems as if the story and fate of some people are already laid out, you just simply make the choices to get you to those scenarios.

But once again the story takes center stage. It serves to show that The Walking Dead isn’t just a zombie story – but a story about surviving in a world turned undead, and the length some people will go through just to survive. I shudder to think what would happen in a real zombie apocalypse. After playing this entry, I wondered if I would have the nerve to make the decisions I made during the game. Making hard decisions will almost always make you feel like whatever choice you make isn’t necessarily the right one, but may be the lesser of two evils.

The voice acting is once again very well done. You will experience concern, fear, anger and more emotions from your fellow characters. Side with one and you will hear the gratitude in their voice. Anger them, and be prepared to maybe have to fend for yourself.

When playing this part of the story, I did notice freezing at times. The game would stay stuck on certain scenes making me wonder if my game had crashed. Strange, as I never experienced this last time. Certainly not game breaking, but you may have to be prepared to restart your game.

If you haven’t yet gotten into Telltale’s The Walking Dead series, you are missing out.  This entry still provides a great story, one that will take a horrifying turn which you might not have even expected.

The Walking Dead: Episode 2 – Starved For Help gets a 9/10


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