Min: A Space Adventure Preview

The Minimar are coming. In Min: A Space Adventure you guide Min, an extremely small planet carrying millions of the Minimar through space. The Minimar are a race who was once at war with each other, before their scientists discovered a way to tap into the energy of the planet. Constructing a rocket dubbed the Core-Canon and attaching it to their planet, they soon used it for what else; space exploration.

From the preview of the game, it appears as if you will be piloting the planet through traitorous environments, dodging enemies and other hazards. Doing this, you will be able to level up using cMats that you can gather through the game. Using these you can craft items to upgrade your Min to boost defenses, your rocket and even stabilize your planets’ core. Gather even more cMats and you will be able to unlock new planets each with their own special features.

Also available will be a time-trial mode which you can finish levels as quickly as possible for a chance at the global leaderboards.

Min: A Space Adventure is from independent developers Cwerki Studios, and will be coming soon to iOS devices on June 18th 2012. And did we mention the best part; it’s free.

Watch the trailer below


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