Re: Finding Lost Treasures – Get The N Or Get Out

Re-Finding Lost Treasures (889x500)

Some people collect coins, others stamps. I collect video games.

Sometimes when looking for games, the easiest thing you can do is just ask the people you know if they have anything for sale.

At my place of work some time ago, I was chatting with one of my co-workers who had just moved to the area. When he asked me what exactly was there to do during the weekends, I mentioned that going to the local flea markets was always interesting and entertaining for me.

He asked if I look for anything particular myself, and I mentioned I go mainly because I collect video games. I told him my gaming habits and soon we started talking about old video games.

Then he then told me that he still had his original Nintendo 64 system, with the original controllers, cords, and ‘other games’. Needless to say this, of course, grabbed my interest and I asked him if he was interested in selling it altogether. The main reason being is that I had never owned a Nintendo 64. But unfortunately, he said not at the time.

Growing up, I was a big Nintendo fan. The original Nintendo Entertainment System is my favorite gaming console because it was my main source of gaming when I was growing up much like other people. Soon afterward I became an owner of a Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). Naturally, you would think this would lead me to get their next console.

But something happened. About a year and a half into owning it, my Super Nintendo broke.

The power input on the back of my system gave out and it wasn’t able to keep the power cord connected unless you held it together by hand and pressure.

Afterward, I did very little gaming for a certain time in the mid-1990s. This was of course in favor of friends, partying, and girls during High School. But once a buddy of mine who lived across the street from me started playing Resident Evil 2 on the original PlayStation, I quickly decided to get a new video game console. But my two obvious choices on what I could get at the time left me torn. Being a zombie fan, should I get a Sony PlayStation with this new addicting game called Resident Evil 2? Or should I get the Nintendo 64? After all, growing up with Nintendo, they almost never steered me wrong.

But I had made my choice and that Christmas my main gift was a Sony PlayStation console. I wouldn’t own another Nintendo system until 2007.

So my co-worker informed me earlier this year he would be leaving, taking a new job. He then asked me if I was seriously interested in buying his Nintendo 64. I told him absolutely. The next day, he brings a large cardboard box with the Nintendo 64 system, three official controllers, one rumble pack, two controller paks, and a total of twelve loose games that included; Super Mario 64, Mario Kart 64, The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time & Majora’s Mask gold cartridges, GoldenEye 007, Star Fox 64, Star Wars Rogue Squadron & Shadows of the Empire and a couple more games.

I couldn’t believe everything that was included. And the games! These were, more or less, some of the games that I would try to collect for the N64 system. I remember buying the PC version of Star Wars Rogue Squadron and being disappointed that my basic, crappy home computer couldn’t run it. Now, I own it here and barring that the system didn’t work, I could finally play it (I would later purchase the PC version again from and play it there).

A simple exchange of cash and the box with all its contents was mine.

So I finally bought a Nintendo 64. A system a lot of my friends would always ask me why I never owned before. And now I can finally play some games I had never played before. Like Ocarina of Time.


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