Trauma Review

Coming back from the brink of death, what would you really reflect on the most in your life? Would it be of a childhood long ago? Loved ones not with us anymore? A special someone who came into your life? Regrets that you never took full advantage of? In one such particular game, you can experience that in a very particular way.

Trauma; a PC game designed and developed by Krystian Majewski, takes a very unconventional and unique twist on the simple point and click genre.

You play is an un-named woman, recovering from a near fatal accident. Reflecting on her life, the game takes you through several places where she tries to remember why exactly she came to these places, along with trying to find a sense of peace within her.

You will face various challenges along the way, which have reflections and meanings to your un-named character’s life. From rescuing your favorite teddy bear, to finding drains, and even catching a ghost. Polaroid pictures hidden in different spots throughout the levels will include little back story, including giving extra commands with your mouse which will unlock different areas of the previous levels.

The actual game design is interesting in the fact that, once you come along to a “scene” from a level, you can move your mouse along the edges and click to view the scenario from different angles. Looking for these, along with some that will only appear when certain commands are given, give a very unique twist on replay ability. And how you obtain these (though the pictures mentioned earlier) is entirely up to you. But finding these will give you extra commands from drawing a simple line down across the screen to move back, to making shapes and symbols to manipulate the areas in different ways.

Now, while I did mention replay ability earlier, this is where Trauma’s major fault lies. Once you finish the game, plus see the alternative endings of all four levels, you really have experienced everything the game has to offer. Most players will be able to beat and view everything in Trauma within a couple of hours. Although in my opinion, this is understandable as only a handful of people were involved in making this game.

I’ve always been one for different and unique games which make you think. Ones that can seem to blend games and art without making one notice (Yes Mr. Ebert, games can be art). Trauma was definitely that game in many ways, while it lasted of course. Plus the price tag of only $7 was not that bad.

I really recommend this game whenever you are in the mood for something different.

Trauma gets a 7/10


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